Become A Sex Toy Reviewer!

Sex Toy Reviewer – Could Be Interesting

Hi there girls sorry there isn’t going to be a real article today but (I am busy this weekend as an old girlfriend from school  is getting married; going to be a bridesmaid).

WellSex Toy Reviewer congratulations Faye and Matt!

Instead I saw this whilst I was browsing the web. I was looking up about sex toys trying to find out more about the problem of sending sex toys to certain countries (yesterday’s article – Huston, We Have A Self-Pleasure Problem! ).

You Can Be A Sex Toy Reviewer

I came across a website that claims for a small fee to send you sex toys for a year for you to review. On paper it looks like a good deal but the website does look legit too.

I thought I would pass on the link to my readers and let you ladies decide for yourself. Maybe you always wanted to be a sex toy reviewer!

[Update I had to change the link. Now the only one I could find was from the UK).

Just click on the link below.

Become A Sex Toy Reviewer Click Here




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