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How To Get My First Orgasm

Hi there I got an email from a 30 year old women who had never had an orgasm and so I wrote back to her how I would approach the situation myself.

In our email exchange she also said that she had several friends that she thought might benefit from the reply I gave her.


It led me to think that there might be many other women in the same situation so decided to post the reply here.

This is to help women who want to know “how can I give myself an orgasm”.


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I hope this reply is useful and remember that if you have any other questions then please feel free contact me any time.


Dear Reader,

Please remember that you are not alone and that there are many women in the exact same position as you. It is OK and with a little help and some self confidence you will can overcome this issue.
To a great extent the inability to have an orgasm is in the mind.  I don’t think you are doing anything wrong except from putting too much pressure on yourself.

If you are always approaching sexual experiences and believing that you have to orgasm for it to be successful then you are putting too much emphasis on that rather it just being first and foremost FUN.

The net result is that you are in the wrong mindset. You are thinking about “What am I doing wrong?” or “Is this what I’m supposed to be feeling?”


This is all stopping you from really achieving what you want and that is to ultimately reach orgasm.

To achieve and enjoy and orgasm you have to be able to let  your body relax. To attain your first orgasm you need to be in the right frame of How Can I Give Myself An Orgasmmind.

I would suggest that you should wait until you have had a really good day and you are in a fantastic mood.


Then you have to say “I am going to treat myself AND I am going to give myself an orgasm“.

I would suggest the following conditions may help you obtain that first orgasm:


  • Plenty of time (give yourself at least an hour)


  • Make sure that you have privacy (if you have kids leave them with a neighbor)


  • Prepare a relaxed environment (use candles even mood music or have a glass of wine).



How To Approach Self Pleasure

Yes, you should approach self pleasure as a treat to yourself.  You have had a good day and now you are going to give yourself some serious pleasure. You are going to get this pleasure from your own body.

The next step is too now approach self-pleasure in the right frame of mind. You have to be comfortable in your own skin.


I suggest you look at yourself in a mirror naked (yes naked!). You might feel a little uncomfortable at first but remember you’ve had a good day and you are in a great mood.

Look yourself in the eye and say really meaning it “I am a beautiful person with a beautiful body.

I deserve pleasure and I am going to give myself pleasure.” Repeat it several times until you feel empowered and then you can go onto the actual beginning of self-pleasure.


Please read our article Self-Pleasure Techniques to learn  about simple sexual stimulation practices or just click here.


I would though suggest that you focus on the clitoris to achieve your first orgasm and would recommend that you read my article about the clitoris which goes into several techniques that deal with clitoral stimulation just click here for the article.

The reason I suggest the clitoris first is that it is the most sensitive part of the female genitalia and it is now believed that it is much larger that many previously thought and that it is connected to all parts of the female genitalia.


It will make having your first orgasm much easier if you stimulate your clit rather than vaginal penetration for example.

It maybe too sensitive for you to directly touch your clitoris but there are several techniques that deal with that issue in the article I suggested.


Overall I would have to say be in a good mood, be relaxed, make sure you have plenty of time and importantly  you are no going to be disturbed.

Every women has a beautiful body and we should all be able to gain pleasure from it be it by ourselves or with a partner.


Well now go out there and empower yourself and treat yourself to a good orgasm. If you to know more about the orgasm just click here.

I hope these words have helped you and if you have any more questions then please contact me any time.


If you still have trouble achieving orgasms  I would suggest that you visit a doctor for further advice. As you may need actual face-to-face face to advice to deal with the problem.

Remember if you have any more questions then please contact me.




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  1. GUEST says

    I maybe a male who had, at a time im my past a physic way to give a female an orgasim that involves a mind body switch to see, hear, smell and all and have the female in my body and she got to feal the sex and orgasim in mine…and it was done twice but it was spoiled as I got upset at the end the 2nd time and used her hand to hit mine and may have broke it but then in the switch back took the pain, harm and bad back with me and left her with only the good. I was too much a fool to know it showed me I can heal with time of pulling the harm out into me. My healing powers and powers to pull the harm into me has been experanced on 3 other times and other healing I felt nothing. I feared any contact with females after tring to have sex with one agin a few years later and felt such fear it felt like ice water poured down by back so I sought to improve my mind and to learn and then more on females after I lost my mother but diabeedies has killed any hope for normal sex unless my physic sex powers can be called into play and with a female mind in my body it might just help twist things around or at least I can hope to trip off ever pleasure nearve in her mind so in the switch back she gets the best orgasim she can ever have in her life also I wish to test an idea that female ejack liquid if injected is a cure for male ed. I do not remember where I read such is a cure but there are stranger things that exist.

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