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Great Masturbation With Plastic Wrap

Welcome to self pleasure for women I am pleased to welcome a new writer to our site Dharani. Dharani contacted me wanting to write for self pleasure for women and she has written some fanatsic material.

The first article is an excellent piece of advice that I know a lot of our readers will love as it is a novel way of using easy to get product to achieve a fantastic orgasm.

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Thank you Dharani

Slip ‘n Slide

This works especially well if you have a shaved vagina.

  1. Take a long continuous sheet of plastic food wrap (about 3 feet) and lay it out on the kitchen table.Masturbation With Plastic Wrap
  2. Lube the middle of the sheet with Crisco or other soft solid shortening.
  3. Wrap one end of the plastic wrap around each hand and hold firm.
  4. Standing up put one hand in front at tummy level and one behind at the small of the back. The sling of greased plastic wrap should be at knee level to your side.
  5. Step over the greased middle section of the plastic wrap. The plastic wrap should now be between your legs, greased side up.   
  6. Stand with legs spread or kneeling on a cushion.
  7. Lift your hands up, bringing the greased plastic wrap in contact with your pussy.
  8. Slide the sheet of plastic wrap back and forth against your pussy and bum hole.

You can adjust the pressure against your skin by wrapping the ends of the plastic wrap around your fists – this shortens the plastic wrap.

Pulling up increases the pressure and increasing speed also adds to the thrill. Pulling up on the plastic wrap gives your Mons Venus a good workout, with the outer lips of your labia either overlapping the plastic or covered by it and your bum hole getting a good tickle as well.   

I think we can all agree this is a fabulous way to self pleasure and very easy to do. So ladies enjoy.

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