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Self Pleasure Stories | Train Thrills

Dharani has no end to her talents and she has also written a great self pleasure story for us. It is fabulous and I really enjoyed. Thanks again Dharani. Read more of Dharani’s Articles here.

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I hear the train a coming….

I was on the overnight train to Ankara and the movement of the train was turning me on because the seam from the crotch of my Levis had worked its way under the crotch of my panties, over one of my pussy lips, finally resting on the side of my clit and up to my bum hole.

If I moved a certain way, the seam would tighten up along the side of my clit and bum hole, sending shivers down my spine.

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Finally, I couldn’t take the tension any longer. I needed the release, to come, but I was in a train car late at night with a few other sleepy people.

 tried squirming to reposition the seam onTrain Thrills top of my throbbing clit to make it happen on its own, but I only succeeded in hurting myself.

I was wearing a large woollen poncho, so using it like a blanket; I lay down on my left side on the seat pretending to try to sleep.

Then I put my right arm down across my chest, slipped my right hand down the front of my jeans. I gently pried the seam away from the side of my suffering clit.

Next, I slightly parted my pussy lips, and very lightly laid my index finger along the top of my hard clit.

It was dry from rubbing on the seam of my jeans, the clit hood had been pushed back exposing the head which was dry and sore from direct exposure to the hard seam.

Without any motion from my hand, I slipped my fingertip quickly into my wet pussy, scooped up some slick moisture and gently washed it over my suffering clit to ease the chaffing.

Out of fear from being caught, I kept my index finger resting motionless on top of the shaft of my now throbbing clit, gently cupping the tip with a wet, curled fingertip.

Barely touching the hard clit head, I let the rhythm and movement from the old train move my fingertip at will. Giving control of my pleasure over to the movements of the train only heightened the excitement. I prayed for every thump, bump and sway from the rails!

Because I couldn’t work my hand without being caught, as I grew more and more aroused, all I could do was gently press the heel of my hand into my mound, while pressing down with the top joint of my index finger that rested at the top of my clit shaft.

This slightly raised my entire clit up closer to my index fingertip that was gently hovering over my now throbbing clit head.

Every so often I would allow my fingertip to lightly touch my little pee-hole to add to the tension or give a brief, light, passing massage to the exposed head of my clit. The waves ofTrain Thrills pleasure came over me in electric shocks. I fought the urge to finger myself in earnest.

I was lying on my left side with my left hand now under my sweatshirt lightly flicking a nipple. I have large, thick nipples – like pink #2 pencil erasers.

It always feels electric when both my nipples and clitoris are stimulated at the same time.

With a series of bumps from going over a stretch of rough tracks, I finally allowed my finger tip to rapidly but firmly massage my exposed clit head, while the length of my index finger bore down on the shaft, heel of my hand into the roots of my clit in my mound.

I swear if ever I squirted it was then. I had to struggle to keep composed as I convulsed in my solitary ecstasy.

My hand was soaked as I discretely pulled it out of my jeans and tried to wipe it off on the front of my sweatshirt under the poncho.

I fell asleep with my hand on my breast and woke up about half an hour later in Ankara.

Had I not came when I did, I would have been in quite an agitated state upon my arrival – that’s for sure!

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