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The Self Pleasure Delights Of Nipple Play And Breast Play

Welcome to self pleasure for women and sorry to my older readers that I haven’t worked on self pleasure for women for a while.

I hope to post a lot about self pleasure in the coming months and today we will be concentrating on breast and nipple play.

Breasts what wonderful creations they are…..

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Breast and nipple play can be a great way for a woman to change up their self-pleasure routine.

Breasts are perfectly designed to bring pleasure to women and with a little bit of practice any woman can maximise her enjoyment and experience some mind-blowing orgasms.

I have put together the article below after receiving email requests from women who wanted get the most from her breasts and nipples through nipple play.

It Does’t Matter About Nipple Or Breast Size

Remember girls it doesn’t matter what shape, size or color your breasts are. Just understand every breast is different and some women like a lot of stimulation whilst others may get aroused with the slightest of touches.

It is just important to remember to get the most from any breast session to give each breast and nipple equal amounts of stimulation.

Either by playing with both breasts at one time or giving equal time to both one at a time.

Here We Go Girls – Our Nipple Play Guide

1. Begin slowly working on your own breasts and be very gentle. You can start for example brushing the palms of your hands over the whole of the breast in a soft circular motion.

It is a great way to learn the contours of your breast and a good time to listen to your body and just enjoy the sensations you are feeling.

If you want to kick the play up a notch then why not add massage oils which will keep everything feeling nice and smooth plus give a nice gentle warming sensation to boot.


2. Once you start feeling good work; yourself into a rhythm by repeating moves several times always being consistent. If you are working in a clockwise motion do that on both breasts.

Or try this move: place your palm over the entire breast (with the nipple in the centre of your palm). Fan out your fingers as if they’re the spokes of a wheel. Now bring them in toward the nipple and 

Nipple Play

finish off with a slight pinch. Then repeat.


3. Remember to listen to your body at all times. Remembering to pay attention to what feels good and experiment a little. Repeating what feels good to you. For some women that can mean sucking their own breasts.

Sucking your own breasts may sound strange but if you’re getting all hot and bothered why not give it try?


  • Begin with small licks or even blowing on and around your breasts working towards the nipple itself.
  • Gradually transition from licking to sucking and even up to biting if you want.
  • Then play around with what feels good from hot breath, licking, sucking and just caressing.




Nipple Play Is All About Experimentation

Breast play like all self-pleasure is all about the individual you can even experiment with temperature from hot massage oils to the coldness of ice-cubes. It all depends how far you let your imagination and inhibitions go. 

This article is strictly about nipple play but as with other self pleasure techniques we have spoken about elsewhere on this site breast and nipple play is about taking your time and using your imagination when practicing self-love.

Here is another nipple play idea I suggest that I have tried myself and enjoyed very much. I usually like something more intense but this did get me going:

 Remove your upper body clothing and nothing more so you will not distract yourself with lower temptations! This is all about the nipples ladies!

 Next gently run your finger tips over your breasts, avoiding the nipples and areolas for five minutes.

 You may want to grab hold of your nipples and twist! But please hold back and wait!

 After the five minutes, your breasts should start to tingle and your nipples will become very erect. Then you are allowed to touch them, but only with gentle strokes of motion.

 Now is when your vagina will actually start to crave some attention, but its urges have to be suppressed with nipple pinching urges! Keep playing with your nipples for ten minutes.

 Finally! Some pain! For three minutes squeeze and twist your nipples repeatedly, while occasionally pinching the nipples and rest of the breasts.

 Your nipples will of course enjoy the most attention with little of three minutes probably spent on the rest of the breast.

 Now the final step… my dear readers! Clips on the nipples for five minutes! This can be binder clips or cloth pins. Whatever you choose it should be a painfully delicious sensation!

It works really well trust me!

Nipple Play – It Can Be Great Fun

The overall affect is a wonderful build up of sensations. You will be super hot and horny plus have great fun.

Just concentrating on the breasts and nipples and suppressing the urge to move down lower can be a rewarding fun filled experience and one that I can personally recommend.

In fact I was only doing the above just yesterday after being reminded of the fun of breast play from the readers who asked for this post.

Well ladies why not give your breasts the attention they deserve and even pass this information onto your partner.

So they can give your wonderful breasts some much needed stimulation. Breasts and nipple play can really lead some wonderful orgasms.


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    • Trudy says

      Hi Holly, I am a 36F with large nipples. My husband realized how very relaxed I become when he sucks on my nipples. So he wanted me to work my own tits and then watch me squeeze and pull on my own nipples until I get into that relaxed state. Then I will suck him off while I continue to work my tits. Thanks for the tips of everyone. I really enjoy touching my tits now. We are now using nipple clamps as well. Thanks again

  1. Dallas says

    my wife tried this after reading and was able to reach orgasam with out the pinching or any toys just here fingers and I'am loving watching her get off. Thank you so much any thing for guys to make them have diffrent feeling orgasams

  2. Andrem says

    Hello I read your article in hopes of solveing my problem with my gf she is very ticklish around her nipples I would love any help to solve this problme

  3. anita says

    this is very sensitive just before bath. I fear to use clips. Is there anyone to share their experience by clipping

  4. guest says

    I love pinching my nipples and do so regularly in masturbation…I've often wondered if I could orgasm "just" from nipple play but never have. reading your scenario, I feel that doing this would be very difficult for me, given my experience already with nipple play…ohhhh the restraint it would take not to just go in for the pinch…maybe if I try the times suggested and the delicious anticipation of waiting b4 touching my cunny, I would cum from nipple play alone…Mmmm, gonna try it tonight.

  5. guest says

    I love pinching my nipples and do so regularly in masturbation…I've often wondered if I could orgasm "just" from nipple play but never have. reading your scenario, I feel that doing this would be very difficult for me, given my experience already with nipple play…ohhhh the restraint it would take not to just go in for the pinch…maybe if I try the times suggested and the delicious anticipation of waiting b4 touching my cunny, I would cum from nipple play alone…Mmmm, gonna try it tonight.

  6. blah says

    i tried this and it worked like magic. another thing i do after my nipples are hard is place one finger right on top and roll it around. it sends shivers up and down my body and makes my vag very jealous and tingly

  7. Maggie says

    This help so much! I love playing with my boobs and nipples. What I do is take my shirt and bra off so that my nipples get cold, then I rub my entire boob area, That makes my nipples real hard. Then I put 1 finger on the tip of my nipples and roll it around in circles. It feels sooo good. Sometimes I even lick them.

  8. Ruth says

    hi i would like to thank you for your intense nipple play

    i have both nipples pierced and the play on them are great

    many thanks again


  9. Mandy says

    hi there, I must really have a problem or my boobs are dead. I'm 44 and have never been turned on by my breasts being touched, sucked, played with etc ………. maybe my boob nerves don't go anywhere near my vagina nerves maybe they when they did my hysterectomy they re-routed my nerves. I honestly feel that I have a problem. I've been married to my husband for 15yrs and before my hysterectomies and op after op etc (long story) I had a very healthy appetite, now I seem to feel nothing. This has been since I was 30 so you can imagine my frustration. I find I have no libido sensitivity is nowhere in site. I have looked at so many sites and feel like a flippen pervert. Yours is the only site that gives you information without making you feel dirty – Can you help or advise me I'm not sure if this is in my mind what. I am on hormone patches Testosterene cream have a few toys that doesnt even seem to work I fin myself getting rather bored????

  10. FRANKLYN says


    • daniel says

      Me it is, big time. I think a lady should have no concern or hesitation at giving her man pleasure of the nipples — and herself, nothing held back.

    • Bolton says

      i like to have my nipples sucked. My wife is very good at it, rolling her tongue over my nipples. I also like to have her suck hard on them, sucking on one pulling hard on the other. She likes to have her nipples sucked, but not so hard.

  11. kristina says

    when i did this omg!
    it made my whole vagina wet and i start shake and i squirted just from playing with my tits and i had to let out a big yelp!

    And then soaked the whole bed but i didnt care!
    i then started rubbing my throbing clit and got a huge orgasm omg!
    thanks for your help!!

  12. Michele4fun says

    I 'love' this site!! This is for "Mandy" or anyone else that has not experienced arousal from any kind of nipple play/stimulation. Trust me on this.. Invest in some vacuum cylinders especially designed for the nipples, there are several online sites that sell them along with the needed pump, etc. They come in different sizes but I've found the 5/8" as well as the 3/4" sizes work best. With a bit of dedicated effort you will experience sensitivity and arousal from your nipples the likes of which you would have never believed possible. Regular pumping will also increase the size of your nipples 'dramatically'. My nipples weren't exactly 'un-sensitive' but they are now such that any kind of touch, stimulation or 'abuse' to them immediately gets me aroused ('wet'), almost as if they're hard wired to my clit. In fact it's almost like having 3 clits, one between my legs and two on my chest!! (Continued below)

  13. Michele4fun says

    My husband introduced me to the idea of it a few years ago, I tried it and the results were such, not just with the sensitivity but the 'visual' aspect of your nipples becoming so pumped and 'much' longer/larger was such a turn on for both me and my husband we decided to make it a regular part of our foreplay. We have also incorporated nipple clamps (clover clamps) into our play which I have developed a kind of addiction to. I now 'love' any kind of licking, sucking, pinching, twisting, clamping etc. inflicted on them, and 'especially' after they've just been pumped with the cylinders. The same sized cylinders can also be used on your clit (talk about arousal..'OMG'), but that's for another time!
    (continued below)

  14. Michele4fun says

    The increased sensitivity that I now have is almost overwhelming and is at times in fact distracting, especially if I'm at 'work', it has me craving to have them touched, and at times I can barely keep my own fingers off of them! They're in fact so sensitive that I can easily be made to orgasm just from having them played with/clamped etc. It goes without saying they are now also 'much' larger and stand out quite prominently from my body. I'm slender and petite and my breasts are rather small, a perky 'A' cup ('barely' that is), in fact I seldom if ever wear a bra. My nipples on the other hand were always rather elongated but after a year or so of pumping them regularly they're now at least a full inch long and almost always erect. After pumping them if you can imagine they're even 'much' longer than this for an hour or so. 'OMG', it makes wearing skimpy tops in summer rather exciting to say the least, the guys can't get enough!! Just a word of warning, pumping them can become so pleasureable, it can be highly addicting!!

  15. Ken says

    Michelle, I know this will be perceived as harsh by anyone reading it, but you need to hold on to that man of yours at all costs. I don't know of a single guy that would find 1" nipples on any breast, let alone an A cup, attractive. I know that sounds like an attack, but really, guys like hard nipples in general. Other men staring at your hard nipples means nothing, because they aren't aware of why they're so visible. Do not take your man for granted.

    And Franklyn, no, that is not normal. I only know of a handful of men that enjoy stimulation on their nipples, and no one to that extent.

    • Joe says

      you crazy, i love playing with or having my wife play with my nipples. used to able to cum from just nipples, greatest

  16. Michele4fun says

    'Ken', not sure where you're coming from with your comment about "holding onto my man", but there's certainly no taking my husband for granted. He loves my nipples and loves me showing them off for other men. And if the responses I get from his male friends not to mention the attention I get just going to the local grocery store (as well as from a few women) is any indication I think there are plenty of men with preferences quite different than yours who aren't locked into some stereotype about what is attractive and what isn't. .
    And this isn't meant to sound "harsh", but when it comes to men and breast size I beg to differ. Not 'all' men love huge breasts. I'm proud to be a member of the "itty bitty titty club" of which for your info has quite a 'male' following. And for what it's worth, I'd much rather look good naked with my small but firm and perky breasts (with erect nipples) than with huge mammaries hanging down to my waist.. Just my two cents..

  17. says

    Thanks everyone for all your comments. This is an open forum and everyone is entitled to their opinions. As long that an comment isn't offensive then even if I don't agree with it myself I will accept it.

    From the correspondence I have had with many people over the years I have had with this site I know when it comes to sex and sexuality people's opinions and likes vary wildly and that what makes life so much fun.

    Everyone has a certain things they like and you can't generalize when it comes to age,sex, color or whatever.

    Some men love big nipples……FACT

    …….and some guys like small breasts…..FACT

    Let's keep this civil and let everyone have their opinions.

    I hope that everyone continues to have "their two cents" on my site.

    Thanks again


    • virgil says

      would like to say i lke all sizesthe tit are made to play with and get the good out of them big or little they have thesame juices in themand that is what we are after

  18. han says

    i can't suck my own breasts, is it because they are to small or am i not trying hard enough? somone please help me

  19. priya says

    am a female 22 yrs old. i do self pleasure by putting my fingers into my vagina. i attain utmost pleasure while doing it. my concern is in recent times i get the liquid ejaculated very soon. pls suggest if its really a problem

  20. malika says

    I'm a widow. So I get pleasure myself. Specially I want pleasure my breast and nipples. I do various things . But not satisfy. To I apply chilly on nipples. It gain very hard pain. Sometimes I use clothclips. It hurt me but I like. Say me another ways u follow

  21. Sondra Ray says

    I love to use clothes pins,chip clips, and I gave vibrating flops. I grt off when my husband bites my nipples. I feel it in my pussy. But I want them more sensitive under my clothes any suggestions


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