Sex Toys Alternatives – Sex Toys Around The House

Sex Toys Around The House – A Japanese Take

Here is the next article from Dharani who comes up with some great alternatives to the use of sex toys to get some great self pleasure.

I like to call it sex toys around the house..

In my city we have Daiso, a discount Japanese store. Recently I bought some very interesting massage therapy and novelty items (described below), that I quickly turned multi-purpose toys.  Read more of Dharani’s Articles here.

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Sex Toys Around The House #1 – Get Hooked!

One massage therapy item in particular is a long curved plastic hook with a ball at the end on a long handle.

This device is meant to be held by the handle with the hooked end over your shoulder and the ball at the end of the hook pressed into any one of the acupressure points on your back. Pulling down on the handle increases the pressure on the nerve.

Sex Toys Around The HouseRemember to be careful not to put it into your vagina if you’ve put it near/in your rectum! Well girls, I sanded smooth any lines and rough spots on my plastic hook with some fine sandpaper.

Then I put it to work (with some lube) as a recumbent diddler of my nether regions! It does a wonderful job of effortlessly reaching all points – mons Venus, clit, into the vagina and a tickle on the bum hole too.

I like to clench my legs closed, working the lubed ball-like head between my pussy lips, and going to work on my clit and vaginal opening and down the peri-anal area.

It’s actually the perfect length and shape for use as a g-spot tickler- but alas I found it to be too hard for my tender flesh. Not to be deterred! I am now thinking of ways to make it work and will update you all on the results.

Sex Toys Around The House #2 -Play ball!

The other massage therapy item I bought is a round nubby ball at the end of a long, springy handle. This is meant to ease the tension in your back by beating the muscles with it.

Of course I think it’s much nicer when used to massage a well lubed clit. I especially like to gently thump my mound with it in the beginning to warm me up before letting its nubby surface slide between my legs giving my clit a good workout.

I keep these new toys in a nice basket on the floor under my bed within handy reach!

Sex Toys Around The House #3 – Put Your Finger On It!

Another item I picked up in Daiso is a gel finger tip cap used for turning pages. Well, I can tell you girls, this is not just for office use! I bought 10 – one for each finger!

A very pleasingly different sensation is had when gently stroking your hardened clit shaft, torturing tender nipples or other secret spots with this little gem.  If you’re not already wet, remember to use some lube and brace yourself for some deep shivers!  

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