How Women Fantasize And What We Fantasize About

Dr. Alfred Kinsey was a noted researcher in sexual behaviour and had several books published including two books “Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male” and “Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female”.

In his studies Kinsey found that more men than women reported fantasizing about sex, though women were as afar from being asexual in mind as in deed. Kinsey was especially interested in fantasy during masturbation.

He found that 89% of men who masturbated fantasized but only 64% of women did, and men did so much more regularly.

But how do women fantasize? Do I have your permission to dig deeper…well let’s carry on.

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The Figures Must Be Much Higher Today

I believe the figure would be much higher for women today just from my own experiences and through conversations with readers of my website. The figurewomen-fantasizing will also be higher now because sexual fantasizing is considered normal and appropriate for both sexes.

Plus anyone who knows me will attest that I truly believe that fantasizing is key to a healthily lifestyle and maximising the pleasure anyone can get from their own body.

To get further in to the fantasy topic it is interesting to note that although men still fantasize more during masturbation than women; there is evidence that women fantasize as much or even more than men during intercourse (I know I have had too when some uninspired man thinks he is making “sweet love” to me).

I think the reason women probably fantasize more is because for most women the physical stimulation of intercourse isn’t enough to bring her to orgasm.

We Are More Enlightened Today

In today’s more sexual enlightened world; writers and the media now encourage women to use fantasy to enhance their sexual experiences. Many people (including some psychotherapists) presumed that women who fantasized during sex were neurotic, bored, unhappy or frustrated.

The fact is E. Barbara Hariton during her studies in 1973 found no instance of emotional instability in these women. Instead they tended to be creative, nonconformist, sexually active and satisfied.

What Happens In Their Fantasies? How Women Fantasize

In their fantasies people of both sexes tend to imagine forbidden activities, or other sexual partners. However, certain themes are more characteristic of one sex than of the other…..

Men are likelier than women to think about group sex, sex with a stranger, forcing women to have sex or overcoming a woman’s initial resistance. Women are likelier than men to think about romantic situations or being overpowered.

Fantasies involving force by the way usually don’t include physical violence or psychological degradation and therefore should not be considered rape fantasies.

For both men and women fantasies are a way of mentally role-playing certain cultural erotic roles or of experiencing a side of oneself that they cannot or would not want to be expressed in real life.

Undeniably most fantasies have little to do with reality. For example Hariton found that those women who fantasised about being dominated sexually are most often in their real lives professionally successful people.


In conclusion sexual fantasies are normal among the majority of both men and women in self pleasure and intercourse situations. It is fun and can en-heighten any sexual situation.

I even sometimes find it fun and great foreplay to get a partner to talk to me about their sexual fantasises and who knows that discussion could lead to some exciting new sexual experiences that you never ever dreamed of.

As far as I am concerned I conclude –

“Just let you mind wander and then your hands do the rest!…..

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