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The Three World’s Most Powerful Vibrators Reviewed

Do you want to discover the three world’s most powerful vibrators on the market?

Want to experience amazing orgasms time after time with one push of a button?

Then read my article. I’m a woman with hundreds of sex toys and over 6 years experiences writing about sexuality on this website.


The Three World’s Most Powerful Vibrators are about to be revealed……..


It is not just my opinion these results were the results of data collected from many women.

Please keep in mind that the results of the survey were from women who tested these sex toys. Plus are women just like you and I. Who just happened to volunteer for the survey.

They were from the ages 18-60+ and from all ethnic backgrounds.


The survey involved the top twenty world’s most powerful vibrators on the market by their product specifications.

There is a reason I didn’t just post the three most powerful vibrators on the market  just by their specifications. The reason being is the world’s most powerful vibrators may not translate that power to the woman.


This survey allowed the women to test the vibrators and then answer a 50 part questionnaire.

This was used to correlate a score out of 100 and give the top three world’s most powerful vibrators


Here come the results of the three world’s most powerful vibrators……

In third place and one of the cheapest vibrators in our test was the……..


#3 In The World’s Most Powerful Vibrators

Easy Touch Wand   ;-) ;-)

This is a great wand for the price. It gives sure-fired orgasms every time.



The specs for this sex toy are:

- Vibrator measures 6.5″ long and 1.5″ wide

- 1.5″ wide tip feels great inside or on clit

- Silky smooth skin, with raised pleasure dots

- Super easy 2-speed push-button base



Don’t Go Just By Looks

This may look like a pretty basic wand but it offers so much. You just press the push-button base and choose either low or high speed vibrations that offer extremely intense orgasms time and time again.

It has raised pleasure dots that you can use to work all the female hot spots. I use this for great clitoral stimulation. This water proof vibe has a silky smooth skin which feels incredible. Especially if you get yourself lubed up.



This is what Tilly from Idaho said about the Easy Touch Wand

“This powerful vibrator rocks looks so cute. But boy does it pack a real punch. It is so powerful and delivers great multiple orgasms. I love it and highly recommend.”


This extremely powerful vibrator is insertable up to 6.5” and it is 1.5” wide at the tip and it great for simulation. It is quiet so perfect to take to the bedroom or even use in the shower.



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#2 In The World’s Most Powerful Vibrators

Adam and Eve Magic Massager   ;-) ;-) ;-)

Adam And Eve MassageAdam And Eve Massager

Adam And Eve Massager

This powerful vibrator offers unbelievable force and intensity for only $39.95.

The Adam and Eve Magic Massager is geared to offer absolutely powerful orgasms time after time whenever you are in the mood.

It has a 2 and a half inch wide bulbous head that sits on top of a extremely flexible neck. Allowing unbelievable control for which ever part of the body you use it on.


Two-Speed Control

It has a two speed control panel that offers quiet but powerful orgasmic fun. It plugs into the mains to offer pleasure day or night. It is on a 5 and half foot cord.


Jennifer, 25 from Illinois said this about the Adam and Eve Magic Massager


“On the first trial run after receiving the vibrator, I not only came (fast), but kept on coming and coming until I was worried I was going to hurt herself. I was capable of much more than I was aware of though. So it wasn’t a problem but an awakening.

This was on the low speed. I haven’t yet tried high speed yet. I may not need to based on initial results!

It is a little loud but the moans and groans pretty much neutralize the noise. I had hoped to find a product that would meet my needs. I found a product that exceeds demands! Highly recommended!”


Does the Adam and Eve Magic massager Sound like the product for you?…


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Now Drum Roll Please………………….

#1 In The World’s Most Powerful Vibrators

Body Wand Massager Massager

World's Most Powerful Vibrators

The elder statesmen in this survey; the Body Wand Massager has been around for several years and is still very popular today. The Body Wands powerful motor has been delighting women for many many years.

Its strong consistent vibrations provide sexual stimulation and pleasure that is like no other sex toy. It has a soft head to make it great for solo or partner use.


The Body Wand Massager is also a great full body massager as well.

The Body Wand Massager has a curved 2.5” wide bulbous head that atop its flexible neck. This makes it great for control and ideal for pinpointing to pleasure points anywhere on your body.

It has multi-speed control and even I gasp at the higher settings and I like it HARD!

While some people are intimidated by the size and power of the Body Wand Massager as you begin to use it. It never does feel neither unwieldy nor too strong.

Even the sound which at first seems loud melts into the background as you begin to use it.


You Want Power?

For people who need to build up to the power you can put a towel between yourself and the head of the massager.

It’s also recommended to start using it all over your body and slowly bring it to your more sensitive parts.


Mary, 48 from Springfield Kentucky had this to say about the Body Wand Massager


“The Body Wand Massager is an extremely powerful vibe. It gets me to a big “O” fast. Plus the big head, strong vibrations make my whole pussy feel like it has had a deep tissue massage. It leaves me tingly for a few minutes after I have turned it off.”


If the Body Wand Massager sounds like the toy for you then click the link below:



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I hope you enjoyed our post about the world’s most powerful vibrators.




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