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Female Orgasm Secrets – The Truth Behind The Woman Orgasm

This is the second and final installment from self pleasure for women covering all aspects of the female orgasm. Read the first part click here.


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Orgasms Secrets – A Woman’s Response On Achieving OrgasmOrgasm Secrets

The female orgasm normally last much longer than that of a man. It is preceded by the erection of the clitoris and the moistening of the vagina.

In is not uncommon for the woman to experience a sexual flush which is a reddening of the skin over much of the body and can be explained due to the increase of blood flow in the body.


When a woman nears orgasm the clitoral glans moves inwards under the clitoral hood and the inner lips become darker.

Closer to the orgasm a woman will experience a tightening and narrowing of the vagina with the overall vagina lengthening and dilating becoming congested with engorged soft tissue.

The uterus then experiences muscular contractions.


In a woman when she experiences a total orgasm her uterus, vagina, anus and pelvic muscles undergo a series of rhythmic contractions.

In most women the overall experience is extremely pleasurable. Once the orgasm has finished the clitoris re-emerges from under the hood and returns to normal size usually within ten minutes.


Orgasms Secrets – Orgasm and Health

Although I couldn’t find any health studies concerning woman and  orgasm. Research on men and the orgasm and sex as a whole showed that the physical activity requires major exertion of many bodily functions.

In 1997 a study by The British Medical Journal on 918 men between the ages of 45-59 then followed up 10 years later showed that men who had fewer orgasms were twice as likely to die of any causes than those having at least two orgasms a week.

In 2001 a follow up that was specifically focused on cardiovascular health found that having sex three times or more a week led to a 50% reduction in the chances of heart attack or stoke.


Achieving Orgasm

One of the main ways to achieve orgasm is by direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris. This can be achieved a number of ways such as through sexual intercourse, manual masturbation, oral sex, non penetrative sex, a sensual vibrator or an erotic electro-stimulation.

An orgasm can also be achieved by stimulation of the nipples or other erogenous zones. In the absence of physical stimulation orgasm can be accomplished from physiological arousal alone.

The G-Spot is important for woman to realize an orgasm this is an internal gland called the Skene’s gland in woman.


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Real Orgasm SecretsVaginal Orgasm

The female body can attain orgasm from stimulation of the clitoris and also from stimulation of the G-Spot.

Its full name is the Grafenberg spot and is a small area behind the female pubic bone surrounding the urethra and accessible through the anterior wall of the vagina.

There are certain scientists that believe only certain woman actually have a G-spot.


The G-spot orgasm is sometimes referred to as “vaginal” because it results from stimulation inside the vagina, including during sexual intercourse.

However please note only stimulation of the G-Spot and other inner vaginal stimulation results in a “vaginal orgasm”.


There is great debate as two whether there is a two orgasm theory. One being a vaginal orgasm and the other a clitoral orgasm. Many believe that the two orgasm theory is a perception put forward by men and is heavily criticized by feminist such as Ellen Ross.


For more on the two orgasms theories click here (I know I haven’t explained it will…sorry)


Freud was the first person to put forward the concept of a purely vaginal orgasm he argued without any evidence that a clitoral orgasm was an adolescent phenomenon and upon reaching puberty the proper response of a mature woman changes to a vaginal orgasm.

This theory held parlance for a long time because many women felt inadequate when they could not achieve orgasm via vaginal intercourse that involved little or no clitoral stimulation.


The belief that most people now deem correct  now we have a greater understanding of the female genitalia and sexual organs is that the clitoris is much larger than we ever understood before.

The clitoris actually extends inside and around the body of the vagina and complicates if not invalidates the vaginal vs. clitoral orgasm.

Recent anatomical research shows that there are nerves connecting intravaginal tissues and the clitoris.


This link between the clitoris and the vagina is evidence that the clitoris is the “seat” of the female orgasm and is far more widespread than the visible part most people associate with the clit.

It may explain why some women can realize orgasm by sexual intercourse alone as the may have more extensive clitoral tissue and nerves than other women making an orgasm from penetrative sex possible.


Orgasm Secrets – Anal Stimulation

The anal orgasm is often talked about but often misunderstood. It can be brought on by anal stimulation such as from anal sex, an inserted finger or sex toy.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some women experience anal orgasm as qualitatively different from clitoral or “vaginal” orgasm, though for many the distinction is less clear.

In both sexes pleasure can be gained from the nerve endings around the anus and the anus itself. It is known that anal-oral contact and can still be pleasurable without stimulation of the clit.


Breast and Nipple Stimulation743009_monday.jpg

It is pretty self explanatory a breast orgasm describes a female orgasm that is triggered by stimulation of the breast.

It is not achievable by all women when their breasts are stimulated but anecdotal evidence suggest that stimulation of the breast area during sexual intercourse and foreplay, or just simply having their breast fondled creates a more intense orgasm.


One study claimed that 29% of woman had at one point or other had experienced a breast orgasm.

The way it is explained is that stimulation of the nipples produces the hormone oxytocin which is produced in the body during sexual excitement in all other sexual circumstances.

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Multiple Orgasms

Women sometimes don’t have or have a very small period of time between when they first experience an orgasm and then the next one.

These subsequent orgasms may actually be more powerful and/or pleasurable than the first. In some women their clitoris and nipples are very sensitive after climax thus making additional stimulation very painful.


There are reports of women having too many orgasms including a story of one woman in the UK who had them throughout the day at the merest hints of a vibration.

Most multi-orgasmic women indicate that they must relax and “let go” to experience multiple orgasms.


Orgasm Secrest A Conclusion

The female orgasm can be achieved in several different ways depending on which of the different erogenous zones is stimulated.

In many instances it may take time and patience but they can be rewarded with multiple and extremely pleasurable orgasms.


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