Which and How Many Women Self Pleasure

The Female Masturabtion Facts

I decided to through my website to undertake an online survey to find out how many women masturbate.

I found the results fascinating and decided to share them here. Please note that no individuals privacy was invaded.

Please take into consideration people had to find my website and that those that did were probably more likely to masturbate than the norm.


I still think the results are relevant and I decided to split the results into different age groups for further relevance.

Here are the results in the table below:-


Age Group

Percentage of women who masturbate %

Under 16



















The survey included results collected from a range of women from the differing age groups.

The survey was collated by the 2168 women (this site has now had over 1 million page views) who were kind enough to answer my survey honestly and with great openness that I will always be truly grateful for.


What The Results Showed

The survey makes for very interesting reading and shows that for many women that masturbation is the norm and not the exception.

The highest age group that admits to masturbation are those in the 20-24 year old age range and can be explained through a period of experimentation and self-discovery of their own bodies.

Masturbation is the best way for these ladies to learn what type of  stimulation they need to gain the most pleasure from their own bodies.


These women have commonly had several sexual partners and are now ” sexualised” and trying to figure out what really turns them on.

This age group is usually happy in their sexual selves and feel liberated enough to self-love.


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Why Does The Masturbation Stats Drop After 24?

The main reason for the downturn in numbers after the 20-24 year old age range can be attested to having children. Many women who answered my survey explain this to giving birth.

Women explained that they had trouble getting back their sex drive in general after giving birth. Many ladies explained they simply didn’t feel like sex or masturbation for reasons both mental and physical.

Some women didn’t masturbate simply through a lack of time or privacy once kids were factored into the equation.


The Women Who Own Sex Toys

In the next question in our survey we asked women whether they owned a sex toy to aid to their sex life or simply for self pleasure. Again the survey was split into separate ages for more understanding. Here are the results:


Age Group

Percentage of women who own a sex toy %

Under 16



















It appears that many women have a sex toy of some sort or other. With most women explaining that they had a dildos mainly while others also had ben wa balls and beads as well.

It also became apparent that many young women like to carry a dildo around with them at all times in case of emergency use wherever they went.


From the survey and subsequent questions I was able to understand that the use of sex toys is on the rise. Many women owned self-pleasuremore than one type of sex toy so that they could gain various sensations from the different sizes, shapes, materials and items that allows women to find what they need to please them.

These toys aren’t just used for self pleasuring but used by many people as part of their love-making routine.

The reasons being as we alluded to earlier; it is about the empowerment of women.


It has led these ladies not only to know what they want in the bedroom but also how they can best achieve the satisfaction they need.

In recent surveys it has found that less than 38% of women can achieve an orgasm through penetration only. The majority of women need multiple stimuli to reach fulfillment.

It is through masturbation and self-discovery plus the use of sex toys that women are now understanding through experimentation how best to reach orgasm.


This then can then be related to the women’s partners who can then through sympathetic love-making help achieve the needs of each individual within the couple to accomplish a hedonistic and satisfying conclusion to sexual interaction.

Masturbation allows a woman to find whether she prefers clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration or G-Spot stimulation as the best way for her to reach an orgasm.

It would also allow a lady to understand the pressure she needs, whether she likes to stroked or be touched and also if she can stand actual touching of her clitoris. For some ladies direct clitoral stimulation can be too painful.


In Conclusion

Masturbation is practiced by the most women; who use multiple methods to get sexual satisfaction.

I think the sexual revolution has has allowed women to overcome many barriers and even allows ladies in certain situations to really feel in control not of their own bodies but also their own destinies too.


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  1. Michele Rubatino says

    Great study, however, Oprah trumped you. She found women that don’t self masturbate will not fill out such survey’s, in fact they can’t even look at their own privates in a mirror. Several studies have been done showing that some 55% of women engage in lots of sex without any orgasm happening, and the women declare they enjoy the orgasmless sex, proving her need is affection in a partner relationship. Furthermore, with 1 out of 3 women walking down the street enduring child molestation, it has driven these numbers up. So should we no longer punish males for teaching little girls how to masturbate? Should we drop rape laws? Furthermore, I would love to compare the masturbation of women to their relationship quality and status. Science knows women have no physical need for sex as the same physical need for a man to empty his ball sacks, the orgasm fluid of a woman does not exist prior to stimulation, nor does she suffer a daily erection process that requires attention. I am all for education for women and healthy sex practices, but we must be mindful of the sex slavery women have exited back in 1920 to ensure we are never put back into that role. Also, I would love to know the demographics of your study, as the numbers of women that have no access to knowledge of self masturbation or toys would greatly exceed those that do. Thank you for your research!

    • Holly Franklin says

      Michele, thank you for your comment. You have given me many ideas about topics I need to research and answer here on this site.

      When I get to a place where I am unsure what to write it seems I can always count on my readers to give me inspiration.

      One particular comment resonating with me is “I would love to compare the masturbation of women to their relationship quality and status”. I am not sure how to proceed in putting data to come to some conclusions on this subject but I will try.

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