The Women’s Orgasm – Real Orgasm Secrets

Truth Behind The Women’s Orgasm – Real Orgasm Secrets

Well how could I at Self Pleasure For Women have been so stupid

Here I am talking about self pleasure and the female body and related self pleasure subjects and I have failed to write about the orgasm.

I am not sure how I managed to miss it. This websites is dedicated to self pleasure for women. So why do we all self love?

Ultimately it is to reach orgasm.


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Yes, I have written here about the overall benefits of self pleasure and the exploration of your own body.

Now I need to add the final part of the whole endeavour and that is to explain theOrgasm Secrets whole concept of the orgasm.


It is a large subject to cover so I am going to write about the subject in two posts.

This will hopefully stop me overloading you all with too much information and make the orgasm easier to understand.

Let start at the beginning shall we?


Orgasm Secrets – What is an Orgasm?

An orgasm (sexual climax) is the conclusion of the plateau phase in the bodies’ response to sexual stimulus and maybe experienced by both males and females.

An orgasm is characterized by intense physical pleasure controlled by the involuntary or automatic nervous system.

The orgasm often leads to involuntary actions such as muscular spasms in other parts of the body, a general euphoric sensation, and as all girls know the need lead to the need to shout out.


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Orgasm Secrets – Definitions Of The Orgasm

There is heated debate as to what types of sexual sensation can accurately be termed as “orgasm”, including for example of the orgasm caused by G-spot stimulation alone and the manifestation of extended or continuous orgasms lasting several minutes or even more than an hour.


The debates central point is the clinical definition of the orgasm.

The way it is usually described in the clinical context is by the muscular contractions involved.


This is open to speculation as people’s their perceptions of achieving orgasm are different and do not necessarily involve the involuntary contractions characteristics of orgasm.

It would be fair to say though; that in both sexes the feeling of climaxing is enormously enjoyable and often felt throughout the whole body, causing a mental state that many describe as transcendental (moving, awe-inspiring).


Orgasm Secrets – Evolutionary Functions Of The OrgasmsReal Orgasm Facts

This too is open to speculation but I would like to believe the writings of Desmond Morris who in 1967 in his book The Naked Ape ( an respected scientific publication) put forward the theory that the female orgasm developed to encourage physical intimacy with a male partner and help reinforce the pair bond.


Morris goes much further and suggests that the difficulty a woman has achieving an orgasm has Darwinian undertones as it leads to females selecting males who bear the qualities such as patience, care, imagination, intelligence rather than negative traits such as aggression, which are present in other primates.


The difference between the two sexes was accentuated over time because if a male had to work hard to achieve an orgasm like a female then self-interest in achieving an orgasm for himself would be enough for him to work hard in sexual situations rather than show other positive traits.


There are other theories that the orgasm developed in the female to help increase fertility as it has been shown that the vagina reduces in size by 30% during orgasm so therefore clenching the penis more thus causing more sensation in the male and could lead to a faster and more voluminous ejaculation.


In 1997 Learning Channel documentary on sex placed fiber optic cables inside the vagina of a woman and showed during an orgasm that a woman pelvic muscle contracts and that her cervix dipped into a pool of semen in the vagina making conception more likely.


It can be argued that the fact that a woman can achieve an orgasm more easily during ovulation that the orgasm is tied to fertility.

The other theory suggested by biologists is that the orgasm simply developed to motivate humans to have sex which results in the increased chance of reproduction as males typically reach orgasm faster than females, it potentially encourages a females desire to engage in intercourse more frequently there again increasing the likelihood.


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